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The disparity of eye vector orientation and proprioception demonstrated with the Oculus VR.

Recently I after playing with my Oculus VR with some games and environments with a Galazy S7 Edge, I had spoken with some other users, several of whom complained of becoming nauseous after some use with it. Unlike about  25 … Continue reading

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Culturally Agnostic UX.

Designing a culturally agnostic UX. By Bob Glaser, UX Designer ©2014    When designing the UX for a MVP (minimum viable product) one of the questions you need to have on your “What I need to know list” what is … Continue reading

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Show me your UX work.

Show me your UX work – The portfolio and skill assessment in UX. By Bob Glaser ©2014 I am occasionally annoyed by the often misleading concept of the UX portfolio. The very concept of it is often paradoxical. Showing completed … Continue reading

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The necessity and risks of assumptions in UX.

By Bob Glaser ©2014 We make hundreds of assumptions every day. We have to make many of them to simply be productive. A very high percentage of them are reasonably accurate enough to meet the needs of any and every … Continue reading

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UX and the Minimum Viable Product goal: An abridged post mortem example.

By Robert R. Glaser UX Designer ©2014 Before MVP (minimum viable product) was a buzzword, it was something that I have striven for. In the past, the most common obstacle was not surprisingly the common executive decision that for any … Continue reading

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Is it me or has UX become a marketing tool rather than a discipline.

This idea stems from a seeming disconnect between LinkedIn and LinkIn’s professional forums. I use LinkedIn readers in the areas of talent aquisition/HR as an example instead of LinkedIn’s professionals in various disciplines. I know that the primary reason that … Continue reading

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