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Why we should be removing ‘democracy’ from Design Thinking (and maybe Agile/Scrum processes too.)

This common error, is taking potential solutions and voting on them. The problem with this approach, is that it tends to cast the base concepts out the window in order to determine a solution. Continue reading

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The disparity of eye vector orientation and proprioception demonstrated with the Oculus VR.

Recently I after playing with my Oculus VR with some games and environments with a Galazy S7 Edge, I had spoken with some other users, several of whom complained of becoming nauseous after some use with it. Unlike about  25 … Continue reading

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Culturally Agnostic UX.

Designing a culturally agnostic UX. By Bob Glaser, UX Designer ©2014    When designing the UX for a MVP (minimum viable product) one of the questions you need to have on your “What I need to know list” what is … Continue reading

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The necessity and risks of assumptions in UX.

By Bob Glaser ©2014 We make hundreds of assumptions every day. We have to make many of them to simply be productive. A very high percentage of them are reasonably accurate enough to meet the needs of any and every … Continue reading

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