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Sr. UX Architect/director, with avocations in music, science & technology, fine arts & culture. Finding ways of connecting disparate ideas, facts, and concepts into solving problems. In the last 30 years, I have worked at (among others) various Ad agencies, Xerox, Pitney Bowes, Shortel, Philips (medical imaging R&D), CloudCar. I prefer to stand at the vertex of art, technology, culture and design since there is the where the best view of the future exists. "Always learning, since I can't apply what I haven't yet learned."


By Robert R Glaser, UX Architect I make mistakes. Some of my greatest successes, in fact, most of them, all came from lessons learned. It would almost seem that any success that didn’t come from failure came from luck. For … Continue reading

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The sitcom logic approach to failure.

By Robert R Glaser UX designer and architect. This is an issue that seems omnipresent in many businesses save for a miniscule percentage. It is often replaced by a bulldozer approach or worse a decision based on a random guess … Continue reading

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Why we should be removing ‘democracy’ from Design Thinking (and maybe Agile/Scrum processes too.)

This common error, is taking potential solutions and voting on them. The problem with this approach, is that it tends to cast the base concepts out the window in order to determine a solution. Continue reading

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Correctly Dealing with 5% Use-case

I have noticed a common myopic view of the handling of edge cases around +-5% use-cases features (those features that are addressed by only 5%, give or take of users. These can be outlier, expert users, or special situation users … Continue reading

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Correcting perspectives in UX design

There are several factors that guide the UX that are accepted. Its effectiveness (simplicity, ease, and functionality.) Its lack of obtrusiveness (it gets your attention based on criticality or “on demand” need.) Its implementation of accepted technology vs. new technology … Continue reading

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Honesty in UX

By Bob Glaser, UX Architect One of the great inefficiencies in UX design comes from the various forms of lack of honesty. This happens in both individual design and collaborative design. I chose that wording because dishonesty implies intent while … Continue reading

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The disparity of eye vector orientation and proprioception demonstrated with the Oculus VR.

Recently I after playing with my Oculus VR with some games and environments with a Galazy S7 Edge, I had spoken with some other users, several of whom complained of becoming nauseous after some use with it. Unlike about  25 … Continue reading

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